Who we  are

TreeUrn’s headquarter is located in Vancouver BC, Canada. Our innovative urn and pioneers in the local market have made us a successful company with an international reach. TreeUrn represents the dedicated and committed work of a team that loves and understands that a pet is not just a pet but a cherished family member.

TreeUrn gives you the opportunity to continue being close to your beloved pet. In this way, your pet’s life is not only a memory but a new life you can watch thrive and give back to nature. We offer a new way to transcend. We know that both trees and plants are the lungs of our planet. So, in using our green urns, you contribute to healing the environment.

Honour your pet


To be a nationally and internationally recognized company in the creation, marketing, supply, and distribution of biodegradable urns B2B and B2P, distinguishing ourselves with our high-quality products, technology, and cost competitiveness. 


TreeUrn aims to offer high-quality, handcrafted urns and 100% biodegradable products, respecting the environment and understanding our clients' needs at the same time. 


TreeUrn goal is offer a greener alternative to traditional pet burials. By having a green memorial, not only will you keep your pet's memory alive, but you will also impact the environment in a positive and greener way.

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