In a world full of uncertainties, one sure thing is that we can lose a loved one sooner or later. With that in mind, our pets may be different from us, but that doesn't make them any further from the realities of death. How should you spend the last days with a dying dog?


Life is a gift to every one of us, but it is also temporary. The pain that it gives, once it ends, is entirely normal; thus, grieving is necessary.


Bittersweet they may be, it happens with any fur owners, not just in movies but in real life as well. The last days with your beloved pet is always be something that you'll hold dear before they pass on.


Scientists have explained that grieving over a pet's end of life is significant in causing depression and emotional distress to dog owners. However, it could help condition their minds that their dogs will be finally at peace if they prepare towards them in advance.


It may be challenging, especially if your furry friend became a significant part of your life because their presence is irreplaceable.

Therefore, bonding in their final moments must always start when you soon discover that they're going to close that chapter in this life.

This moment, if it comes, might be the chance for you to finally say goodbye before the end of your dog's life.

It's also an opportunity for you to ease it into your system and gradually become ready to move on.


Nonetheless, not all dogs with these conditions are automatically dying; however, it may be a symptom of an illness you don't know about.

There are a few things you may still have to know before jumping to conclusions. Here are five common signs that indicate that your pets might be close to passing away.


Failing Bowel Control


As your dogs grow older, they will frequently experience problems related to their bowel movement. It is usually due to the poor functioning of their digestive tract, particularly the intestines.



In some cases, your dog may have reservoir incontinence, where their rectum fails to hold their stool, causing them to defecate quite quickly.

It happens especially when they're weak and lying down, as the pressure will cause their bowels to act up and involuntarily defecate.

As pet parents, if there are times that they soil their beds, understand that they cannot voluntarily control their bodies anymore. Thus, you must expect that this will be a regular occurrence so you can clean them up afterward.


Loss of Bladder Control


Urinary incontinence is a common occurrence and a sign of urinary tract and kidney failure that your dogs lose control of where and when they urinate.

A sign of urinary incontinence is that they involuntarily pee, with their urine dripping from their behind. The skin around will look red and swollen because of irritations.


Poor Appetite and Lethargy


Your dog's weakness and appetite changes are an indication that they might be highly ill or, worst, experiencing a life and death situation.


They will either avoid eating or would only want to eat certain foods that they like.


Alongside their food intake, they might experience lethargy, extreme fatigue, rapidly changing body temperature, and the weakening of their muscular system.


Furthermore, your sick dog will frequently sleep more and always want to be alone. Thus, you might find them not wanting to bathe or freshen up.


Loss of interest


As dogs reach a certain period where they feel weak and immobile, your furry friend may lose interest in several things they used to enjoy before.


Such as playing with their toys, cuddling with you, or digging a hole in your garden.


Understand that this is something that will happen, especially when they avoid moving at all. Your dog's loss of interest only means that they're trying to hold on to their energy left.


Labored Breathing


When dogs are dying, they get odd breathing patterns that indicate that they are not breathing well.


Along with this symptom, they might also experience a quickened heart pace due to palpitations and lung pressure.

The more signs a dog experiences, the more likely it will pass away soon.