Our Lola passed away the night of May 21, 2021 on her own, at home, in her mama’s and grandpa’s arms. She was so loved and our brave protector all the way to the end.⁣

Lola had an extremely aggressive cancer that has an average survival time of one to two weeks after diagnosis. She battled this horrible disease for four months and was the strongest, bravest, and most loving dog we’ve ever known. Her will to stay with her mama and grandpa on this earth was nothing short of miraculous and her strength was beyond extraordinary. She fought so hard and we are so incredibly proud of her. Words will never be enough to describe how heartbroken we are, but we find peace in knowing she is no longer in pain. 

Everywhere that Lola went she brought so much life and love. She was always the life of the party and anyone she met was immediately covered in kisses. She was a fierce protector of those that she loved and took this job very seriously. All the way to her last days she would do anything to protect her family. 

She gave us unconditional love until the very end and she will always be our angel. We were so fortunate to share so many beautiful memories together. We never imagined the beauty and companionship she would bring into our lives. She was our soul dog and changed our lives for the better. 

Lola leaves behind her mama and grandpa, who miss her terribly, as well as a million friends all over the world.