The best way to honour a pet who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge is to celebrate their spirit and their memory. Here are 10 rituals that can help and support anyone facing the loss of an animal companion.

1.- Hold a Memorial Services:

Gathering friends and family who knew your pet and laying him to rest is a wonderful way to say goodbye. Everyone can share stories from your pet’s life and mourn the loss together. A memorial service can be a great reminder that you’re not going through this pain alone. Ignore people who think it’s inappropriate to hold a funeral for a pet and do what feels right for you.

Here some tips:
1st - On a small table create a display of items that belonged to your pet or that remind you of your pet.
2nd - Do include photos and toys.
3rd - Light the candles on the table with your pet’s memorabilia.

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2- Biodegradable Memorial Balloons:

Add a special touch for your loved one letting balloons goes into the sky. Your guests can reflect by each holding a balloon in their hands before releasing it and in the moments as the balloons float into the blue sky watching them float up.

Our balloons are 100% biodegradable made of natural latex, decomposition is roughly the same rate as an oak leaf.

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3- Reading or poetry:
You can share a poem you have written about your pet or choose one for free here.
4- Visit Online Memorials
Sometimes friends and family members just can’t grasp what you’re feeling after the loss of your pet. If they have never lost one of their own this may be the case. If that’s true, we have the best online pet bereavement page where fellow pet owners have come together to remember their lost pets and comfort one another click here.
5- Create a Scrapbook
Pretty much every parent makes a baby book for their child right? Create one for your pet so you always have something to look back on when you’re remembering him.
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6- Keep a Symbol
Keep your pet’s favourite toy or his collar as a symbol of remembrance.
7- Donate
A way to pass on the legacy of your pet is to donate to a good cause in your pet’s name. Be it your local shelter, or rescue, you’ll be preserving your pet’s memory and helping other would-be pets at the same time.
8- Volunteer
If you rescued your pet from a local animal shelter, rescue, or Humane Society, why not volunteer there after your pet passes on? It was thanks to volunteers who initially rescued your pet and took care of him that he and you got all that time to spend together anyhow. Think of it as passing on the favour.
9- Adopt Again
When the time is right and you feel ready, consider adopting again. Remember how happy your life with your pet was. Don’t you think he would want to pass on the chance he was given to another pet in need?.
10- Writing a good-bye letter
This letter will be an accumulation of love and thanks from you to your beloved companion. It is your proclamation of appreciation, healing, apology (if needed), and inclusion of anything else that you may want to express to your pet.
You can download a free letter sheet here