What is TreeUrn

TreeUrn is a biodegradable cremation urn created from 100% handcrafted organic and coconut fiber. It is the first biodegradable urn in the world. It contains nutrients in its molding to help the roots grow healthier and more vital for a longer lifespan.

TreeUrn incorporates Neutro-pH (ash neutralizing agent) to lower the pH and dilute the sodium content of the ashes allowing you to grow a healthy and beautiful memory tree.

TreeUrn Kit

It contains everything you will need to grow a beautiful tree/plant:
- TreeUrn Biodegradable Urn
- Brochure Instructions
- Plantation soil substrate & Perlite (Turbe and nutrients to maximizes germination)
- Packaging

100% Biodegradable

From sustainable materials, the TreeUrn is the only one that your pet will ever remain.

Paper free

TreeUrn is an Eco-Friendly solution to sustain our environment with natural elements.


The TreeUrn is toxic-free with the highest quality components.

Grow with its memory

TreeUrn was founded to offer a greener alternative to traditional pet burials. By having a green memorial, not only will you keep your pet's memory alive, but you will also impact the environment in a positive and Eco-Friendly way.

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